During pregnancy, your body ceases to be your own. Those three trimesters seem to be a challenging journey for every mom-to-be. Even mommies from medical industries find these entire nine months' tenure quite tedious. Their new body shape calls for a whole new wardrobe. Working mommies from the medical line need tops and pants made with stretchable and comfortable fabric material so that they can work comfortably without any stress.

 As the pregnancy advances, your old scrub tops would become a bit uncomfortable and tight; that is why you must scour for maternity tops online that are comfortable, stretchable, and retain their shape after every wash.

But, being a medical professional, you can’t wear something fancy and not comply with hospital policies when it comes to uniform selection, so what can mom-to-be medical professionals do? Look for the online store that has maternity tops sales where you can invest in quality material and save huge on your pocket.

The maternity tops that are available today are much more fashionable and more comfortable than those available in the past. Pregnant women can find maternity scrub tops suitable for their wardrobe needs during pregnancy by carefully picking up the right size. Now, the foremost question arises:

What are the major checkpoints when buying a maternity scrub top online?

Fabric Selection

One should pay detailed attention to every infinitesimal thing, including fabric. The fabric should be comfortable to wear when you are working around the hospital, and it should have a stretch to accommodate your growing belly. For added comfort, choose tops with two large patch pockets so that you can keep your small things while at work - may be a pen, prescription, or personal belongings.

Match your size

Many online stores offer a wide range of sizes so that pregnant moms can pick a size that matches their size. In order to ensure that your size still fits you as you grow, you would need to make sure the top fabric expands with your body size. Also, it wouldn't make sense to keep buying scrubs every time your weight changes, would it? You can find scrubs with an adjustable elastic cord that are useful if you plan to wear them after giving birth. Expecting nurses can achieve a more flattering fit with an adjustable bungee with toggle and remain rest-assured that their maternity medical top does not go to waste even after the pregnancy period.

Maternity tops and scrubs are not only designed for expecting frontline people but these days, such apparel is also being used in hospitals for pregnant women during delivery. Whether you are picking maternity tops for yourself or for your patients, make sure these wearables are comfortable, good-fit, and easily washable.


It is pivotal to make sure that you are buying a maternity top that is stretchable enough to accommodate your growing tummy. Are you looking for V-neck maternity tops online? Check out our wide range of tops at Nessa's Quality Scrubs.